1291group Switzerland-Total Wealth Symposium October 14-17 Atlantis Paradise Island with Marc Sola

The 14th Annual Total Wealth Symposium is your opportunity to get out from under the chaos and confusion. Where you can purposely isolate yourself from the noise for 4 days and learn from the best in:

  • Offshore investment opportunities
  • International tax strategies
  • Asset protection secrets
  • Investment banking havens
  • Foreign real estate
  • Privacy
  • And more…

An all-start roster of 25+ experts will share their own blueprint for protecting and growing your wealth so you can determine the best path for you regarding your investment goals and timeline. 

All in a straightforward, no hype, and non-confusing manner so you can make your own decision based on information that’s sound and unbiased. 

The best part: none of these speakers work for Wall Street, mainstream financial firms…or the mainstream financial media. Nor are they „idea merchants“ constantly doing the rounds on the seminar circuit.

You’ll get unbiased analysis and action plans laid out in front of you LIVE so you can determine your next best moves for your investments and finally get clarity for your financial future.

That’s why the 14th Annual Total Wealth Symposium is unique. You’ll be able to discover offshore investment opportunities, international tax strategies, asset protection services, investment banking havens and much more, all in one place… and all of which you can implement immediately.

It’s one-stop shopping at its finest.


Your Guides Include:


Jeff Opdyke is the Executive Editor at The Sovereign Society. Jeff has been investing directly in the international markets since 1995, making him one of the true pioneers of foreign 
trading.  His passion is finding the renegade plays „on the ground“ in overseas markets, and uncovering those explosive trends long before they become mainstream. He’ll reveal „in country“ investments that could result in far greater returns than today’s stagnant American markets.  They could become the next Apple, Google, and Wal-Marts of the world so you don’t want to miss out on these potentially wildly profitable stocks. 


Ted Bauman is a specialist in asset protection and international migration issues.  He’ll be sharing a step-by-step blueprint to navigate the possible asset seizure in America, escape excessive taxation, and heightened regulations.  Thanks to what Ted will share with you, you’ll be able to live a freer and more satisfying life if you decide to move overseas


Former U.S. Congressman Bob Bauman Is Chairman of the Sovereign Society’s Freedom Alliance and best-selling author of the books Forbidden KnowledgeWhere To Stash Your Cash LegallyThe Passport Book, and Lawyer Proof Your Life.   He’ll show you how to bulletproof your assets so you can avoid wealth confiscation that the politicians who created our $17.3 trillion national debt could execute to pay the bill. 

  • Marc Sola and Erika Nolan of 1291 Group of the Americas will provide unique, personalized solutions for estate planning, asset protection, and growth for your retirement plans.
  • Chad Shoop is the editor of the Sovereign Society’s Pure Income service,  where he taps into the best off-the-radar opportunities to generate safe, steady monthly income.
  •  Josh Bennett, international tax and estate expert, will show you how to lower your tax burden thanks to the formation of offshore and domestic asset protection trust structures.
  • Chris Gaffney of EverBank will be providing unique banking, lending, and investing opportunities. Their diverse and innovating solutions will allow attendees to find long-term financial strategies to achieve their goals.
  • Knut Anderson of Swissmetal Inc. will reveal how you can easily diversify with rare and strategic precious metals and boost your chances of growing your wealth.
  • Andrew Schectman, co-founder of Miles Franklin, will reveal a strategy that allows you to diversify with precious metals.
  • Barry Potekin of RMB Group will help you locate revealing opportunities outside the stock market that could give you unparalleled diversity you won’t hear about on Wall Street.
  • Eric Roseman of ENR Asset Management has more than 18 years of investment experience focusing on global stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and alternative investments—and will show you opportunities you may be overlooking.
  • Juan Federico Fischer is a native Uruguayan who is head of a leading asset-protection and residency law firm. He’ll show you how to arrange banking and real estate transactions, including farm investments—and will show you how you can set up residence in Uruguay, if you choose.
  • Robert Vrijhof, President of WHVP, is a financial advisor based in Switzerland and will be revealing conservative principles for investment diversification and asset protection.
  • Geoff Anandappa is an expert on investing in rare stamps and collectibles. He’ll cover why high end collectibles are one of the most undervalued asset classes and one of the best investments for those seeking to diversify their portfolio.
  • Don Hosmer, president of Royale Energy Inc. will be revealing how to invest in natural gas as an alternative investment that could further grow your portfolio.
  • Stephen Hofer, gemologist with the American Institute of Diamond Cutting, will show you how to diversify your wealth by collecting diamonds.
  • Daniel Perron, Managing Partner of Henley & Partners, is an expert in residence and citizenship planning and will be revealing shortcuts to moving to another country if you’re a mobile entrepreneur.
  • Rainelda Mata-Kelly is a senior partner of a Panamanian law firm and will provide immigration and real estate law expertise.
  • Mario Heider of Bank Winter will reveal innovating financing methods and custom-tailored solutions to attendees.

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